Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Please Vote!

About three years ago, my brother broke his 5th cervical vertebra in a skiing accident. He had just switched jobs to work in public schools as a special education teacher, and since he was only in that job for 6 months or so, he lost his insurance a few months after his accident. After a long time in the hospital, he gained back some of his mobility, especially on his left side. Today, he has has learned to walk again (he's not running quite yet), and is even living on his own in an apartment in Milwaukee. Despite the significant physical progress he has worked for, he has been in financial debt since his accident, due to his lack of insurance, and to the lack of a public health care in the US.

He has now used his creative and computational skills and entered an advertising contest where he could win $5000. He created an ad for a company called innocentive.com. Five finalist ads are posted on YouTube, and the finalist with the most views and the highest rating will win the $5000 prize.

I'm quite positive that he would not want people to vote for his ad unless they think it is the best. But, if you do think it is the best of the finalists, please rate his ad highly, and visit it often - he could really benefit from this prize.

Here is the ad (Please click on the YouTube logo in the embedded video to visit YouTube and rate the ad highly, if you like it):

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Bjørn Østman said...

My name is Bjørn Østman, and I endorse this message.