Friday, January 1, 2016

SICB 2016 Schedule

Here are some #SICB2016 presentations I have marked after key word searches. What great ones am I missing?

Session/Paper#TimeRoomAuthor 1Title
Monday, Jan. 4 22-1 10:15 C125/126 SCHNITZLER, CEGenomics of Hydractinia: A Cnidarian Model for Regeneration, Allorecognition, and Developmental Biology 
Monday, Jan. 4 33-5 14:30 C125/126 VON DASSOW, MThe echinoid blastula: linking biomechanics to development-environment interactions 
Monday, Jan. 4 33-6 14:45 C125/126 SERVETNICK, MDCRISPR/Cas9-mediated excision of the brachyury gene disrupts endoderm development in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-143 15:30 Exhibit Hall A DONOHUE, M.W.Behavioral and molecular evidence for opsin-based extraocular photoreception in stomatopod crustaceans 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-157 15:30 Exhibit Hall A ARUL NAMBI RAJAN, ANeural Determinants of Behavior in an Organism without a Nervous System 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-162 15:30 Exhibit Hall A PRICE, C.L.The genetics of the visual system of two species of pupfishes (genus Cyprinodon) 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-147 15:30 Exhibit Hall A PICCIANI, N.Light modulated cnidocyte firing predates the evolution of eyes in Cnidaria (Metazoa) 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-144 15:30 Exhibit Hall A NOTAR, JCA Comparative Study of Sea Urchin Visual Ecology  
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-145 15:30 Exhibit Hall A MILLER, H.V.Pupillary responses in scallops 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-78 15:30 Exhibit Hall A SIMMONS, SMesoglea and Muscle in Cubozoan Jellyfish Carybdea marsupialis and Tripedalia cystophora 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-22 15:30 Exhibit Hall A MUNRO, CExploring the evolution of functional specialization in siphonophores using RNAseq 
Monday, Jan. 4 P1-148 15:30 Exhibit Hall A SWAFFORD, A.J.Gain and Loss of Sensory Modalities Alter Guidance of Allomyces Zoospores 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-2 08:00 C123 PORTER, M.L.Beyond the eye: extraocular opsin evolution 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-3 08:30 C123 COLLEY, N.J.Photoreception in Phytoplankton 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 40-4 08:45 B114 DALTON, B ECoexpression of opsins in each cone class spectrally tunes regions of the retina to distinct parts of the visual field 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-4 09:00 C123 OAKLEY, THOpsins without eyes – precursors or derivatives? 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 40-6 09:15 B114 FAULKES, Z.Eyes under the beach: the visual system of sand crabs (Lepidopa benedicti
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-6 10:30 C123 KINGSTON, ACNExtraocular opsins in skin and nervous systems of aquatic animals 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-7 11:00 C123 BATTELLE, B-AOcular and extraocular photosensitivity and opsin expression in the American horseshoe crabLimulus polyphemus, a chelicerate arthropod. 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-8 11:30 C123 BOK, M.J.Looking with gills: The function and evolution of fan worm branchial photoreceptors 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-9 13:30 C123 WALKER, Marquis T.A mouse homolog of Drosophila RDGB functions in ipRGC dim light activation 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 68-1 13:45 B118/119 DALY, MThe tree’s the thing: phylogeny as a way of understanding the diversity of venom in sea anemones 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 67-1 14:00 B117 LARSON, P.G.Evaluating taxonomic characters of Anthopleura and other sea anemones in a molecular phylogenetic context 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-10 14:00 C123 SCHMIDT, T.M.New roles for ganglion cell photoreceptors 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 67-2 14:15 B117 MACRANDER, JA High-Throughput Investigation into the Tissue Specific Venom Composition and Differential Gene Expression in Three Species of Sea Anemone 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 67-3 14:30 B117 GOODHEART, J.A.Phylogenomics of Cladobranchia (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-11 14:30 C123 SPEISER, D.I.Eyes most numerous: extracephalic visual systems in molluscs 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 67-4 14:45 B117 CHANG, J.The tempo of body shape evolution in ray-finned fishes: bringing morphology into the “phenomic era” with crowdsourced morphometrics 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 S4-12 15:00 C123 JOHNSEN, S.What Next? Unanswered questions about extraocular photoreception and how we might answer them  
Tuesday, Jan. 5 P2-136 15:30 Exhibit Hall A STABILE, F. A.Identification of four genes involved in the development of feathers but not scales in birds 
Tuesday, Jan. 5 P2-156 15:30 Exhibit Hall A MURPHY, P.J.Regional Genetic Variation of Two Ephemeral Pool Crustacean Species: Implications for Visual System Plasticity or Local Adaptation 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 74-1 08:00 B112 BABONIS, L.S.Seeing without eyes: Opsins and the evolution of photodetection in basal metazoans 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 79-2 08:15 B118/119 MCCULLOCH, KJPhotoreceptor Cell Sensitivity and Sexual Dimorphism in the Compound Eye of the ButterflyHeliconius erato 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 74-4 08:45 B112 MASON, B.M.Coral opsins: photosensitivity and partial characterization of five opsins from Acropora millepora 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 74-5 09:00 B112 SERB, J.M.Expression and spectral analysis of two Gq-opsins from the mantle and the eyes of the scallop Placopecten magellanicus  
Wednesday, Jan. 6 74-6 09:15 B112 FAGGIONATO, D.Spectra analysis of Gq-opsins from four scallop species 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 74-7 09:30 B112 BRANDLEY, NDo warning signals exploit an evolutionary constraint on insect visual acuity? 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 85-1 10:15 B112 THOMAS, K.N.The perks of being cock-eyed: Orientation and visual characteristics of histioteuthid squids 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 85-2 10:30 B112 HOLT, A.L.Light guides and open water camouflage in Galiteuthis 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 85-3 10:45 B112 CAVES, EMVisual acuity in fish: the effects of eye morphology, environment, and ecology 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 85-4 11:00 B112 JOHNSEN, S.Another beautiful hypothesis slain by an ugly fact: Polarization vision does not increase the sighting distance of silvery fish 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 85-5 11:15 B112 DODSON, TOrigins of Polydispersity In Cephalopod Photonic Systems - Are Squids Masters of RNA Editing? 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 96-2 13:45 B112 EMERLING, C.A.Spectral shifts of mammalian ultraviolet-sensitive pigments (SWS1) are associated with eye length and photic niche evolution 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 92-3 14:00 A104 CORYELL, R.L.Phylogeographic patterns in the Philippine archipelago drive symbiont diversity in the bobtail squid-Vibrio mutualism 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 101-4 14:15 B118/119 MOROZ, LLCan Synapses Evolve Independently? 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 S8-10 14:30 C124 LEWIS, C.Differential expression of genes implicated in venom, vision and sex in the aggregating box jellyfish Alatina alata 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 P3-198 15:30 Exhibit Hall A LIN, C.Neural organization of the optic lobes in the two midband-row stomatopod Squilla empusa 
Wednesday, Jan. 6 P3-16 15:30 Exhibit Hall A STERN, D.B.Comparative Vision Gene Expression in Cave Adapted Crayfish 
Thursday, Jan. 7 115-1 10:15 A107-109 ADAMS, DKEvolution of the neurosensory system mediates gain and loss of phenotypic plasticity 
Thursday, Jan. 7 114-4 11:00 A105 KELLY, MWAdaptation to heat stress reduces phenotypic and gene expression plasticity in a marine copepod 
Thursday, Jan. 7 116-6 11:30 B110-111 SCHWEIKERT, LERed Fish, Blue Fish: Wavelength Sensitivity of the Marine Fish Retina Adjusts to Transient Changes in Environmental Light Color 
Thursday, Jan. 7 115-7 11:30 A107-109 KOENIG, KMMaking an Eye: Optic Vesicle Morphogenesis in the Cephalopod Doryteuthis pealeii 
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