Thursday, October 23, 2008

Optical Allusions Book Review

As mentioned at The Loom, and Genomicron, there is a new issue of Evolution, Education and Outreach available, devoted to my favorite topic, the evolution of eyes. I've contributed two pieces, one is available now, and is a book review of Optical Allusions, by Jay Hosler.

Jay Hosler, An Evolutionary Novelty: Optical Allusions by Todd H. Oakley

The other paper I contributed is inspired in part by Behe's claim of irreducible complexity of phototransduction in Darwin's Black Box. That paper is not available yet, but should be soon. For a small taste of the paper, I will quote from the it:

"Unfortunately, instead of pointing to the molecular evolution of multi-component systems as a rich area for new scientific research and synthesis, Behe chose to commit scientific suicide by incorrectly claiming that the only way for multi-step biochemistry to arise is by intelligent design."

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