Monday, October 27, 2008

You can pick your friends - etc

When I give presentations, I always try to have a joke prepared in case of technical difficulties. This came in handy when I gave a symposium talk a few years back at Chico State, at the Botany meetings (long story, I'm no botanist... not that there's anything WRONG with being a botanist). The talks were delivered on a large stage, so my joke was that if the slides went out ... which they did temporarily... I'd offer to use the stage to do an interpretive dance of my research presentation. I got a pretty good laugh, pretending like it was completely spontaneous.

Little did I know that interpretive dance is such a powerful medium for scientific communication. Check gonzo scientist for the contest here.

And a plug for my colleague Wendy Grus. I first met Wendy at the evolution meetings in Alaska a few years back, and I took notice of her research on receptors expressed in the vomeronasal organs of vertebrates. She didn't dance in Alaska - at least not that I know of. But she does have an interpretive dance of her PhD work up on YouTube for the contest. She uses sparkly gene phylogenies to reel in odorants. Pay her video a visit - she could win a trip to Chicago, and professional choreography service:

Wendy is quite multi-talented. Check out the music video to her smash hit new single, Seminarcolepsy:

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